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In search of immortality

Day 1


12:49 Since I was little I have wanted to find the formula for immortality, now, I think I am close. Almost 400 years ago, an island emerged in the middle of the ocean. The island has its own climate and new creatures, including a group of species that live more than 90 years in the wild and are capable of regenerating their cells much faster than animals. humans. My trip to study these creatures will begin today at three in the afternoon.

3:02 The plane has taken off. There were no delays.


Day 2

16:08 I found and captured one of the creatures, the operation will be registered as “P-01”. After scanning the creature it was discovered that it is a 27-year-old male, completely healthy. It measures 134.6 centimeters from the tip of the tail to the nose and weighs 7.8 kilograms.


18:33 A tracker with a camera was implanted in the subject's back and he was released. The images prove what is known about these creatures, nothing new.

22:56 The creature eats an unidentified food, it is unknown if it is toxic to humans. The food appears to be a fruit of approximately 30 grams, bright yellow in color, that grows on a bush. More tests will be carried out upon harvesting.


Day 3

2:01 After scanning the fruit, it is determined that it has high levels of sugar and several unidentified microorganisms live inside it. I'll go to bed. I don't have a watch right now, but it's daytime. The animal is being released right now, without a tracker.

13:05 The first experiment carried out will be called “P-02”. I decided that the tests will be performed on me, if I must die in the process so be it. An extract of the fruit was injected into my body, I immediately felt freshness in the area and the dryness on my skin disappeared. For tests “P-03”, “P-04”, “P-05” and “P-06” alcohol, oxygen, sugar will be added and sugar will be removed from the juice respectively.

15:07 P-03 gave me an increase in energy, as if I had drunk coffee, but it was probably the normal effect of alcohol in any circumstance. P-04 caused me dizziness and hallucinations, I can't describe in detail what I saw, but it was the hottest fire that could exist, the sun feels cold in comparison. P-03 made my hair grow comically. P-06 made me feel the fire of my delusions in my throat, it is not an experience I want to repeat and I suffered horribly during the ingestion process.


Day 4

(Page torn out).


Day 5


(Page torn out).


Day 6


5:00 By crystallizing the sugar from the fruits and observing its structure under the microscope, it was discovered that it was more compact than normal sugar, in addition to the fact that the organisms found inside turn the sugar liquid as it passes and it solidifies. once the organism moves from place to place. I have not been able to understand the how or why of the change in sugar.


7:00 When P-45 was ingested, the sugar expanded, releasing the organisms and causing itching throughout my body. Two hours have passed and I still itch. I decided to inject sedatives into my blood to sleep until the effect wears off and so on. avoid skin injuries.


(Paragraphs crossed out).


Day 7


21:59 I haven't slept, all the experiments have failed, I'm starting to lose hope. I only got strange dreams with fights between dragons, fainting, rashes and hallucinations that I still have a hard time believing. The staff recorded that under the effect of P-52 I attempted to speak with creatures of the species used in P-01 and believed I heard them say that they were descendants of dragons, which arose from the remains of their power. I feel stupid.


23:06- Apparently organisms are capable of causing fermentation. The name P-58 was given to the pure alcohol extracted from the fruit and P-59 to the wine made from the fruit.


Day 8

1:02 P-58 had no effect. P-59 is causing me hallucinations, the voice I hear is deep, extremely serious and hard, I can't find any other way to describe it, it is hard as stone, it is the voice that a mountain would have. He speaks in a strange language that I somehow recognize, he says “Brother, understand, this is not the way.”

3:34 I have tried different methods of fermentation and conservation of wine from this fruit, the most successful so far has been P-61, I almost succeeded, I couldn't explain how I know it, I just know it. The flavor is incredible, it's like drinking sunlight, it tastes like light, my tongue feels like honey and my throat burns pleasantly. I think I'm going to go crazy, I can't stop, I don't understand what's happening, but I can't stop.


Day 9

I made it. I have finally achieved it.

Supervisor's Note:

The doctor fled with his formula, he took all his research with him, we have been trying to figure out what he did for weeks, but we can't. We are not sure if his diary is telling the truth, so the funding for the project was cancelled. The doctor stole important equipment and the most valuable thing in the laboratory: the information. The berry species has been named lifelong berry. Our team of scientists took up the research. I'm still analyzing this, I have to figure it out.


Day 124,654


14:00 Life has changed a lot in these years, I feel out of place, as if this were not a world made for me. I do not belong to this time, I am glad to have recovered my diary, it is the only thing that remains of my youth. Sometimes I wonder if these last 300 years really happened, I have nothing from the past but my memories. Life loses its flavor when there is no danger, when you know that nothing matters, when you know that everything will be forgotten in a few decades, when no one knows what you went through, when no one remembers your favorite actors, when no one understands what You say, when languages ​​change, when you isolate yourself, when everything you know disappears. I'll stop drinking this, I discovered the way to live forever, but my eternal life is miserable, it's ridiculous to think about the memory of the taste of P-61, telling me not to give up, when I still had hope and dreams. I miss dreaming.

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